Unique History

Art Plumbing Company was originally established in 1919 as a small independent plumbing shop specializing in service and repair work.

Our founding principals of quality, value, and integrity have served our firm well over its 90+ year history, and have allowed our company to grow into one of the largest independent plumbing contractors in the southeast.

We are one of the few large subcontractors that have resisted the trend to become a combination HVAC and plumbing shop. We believe that our singular focus on plumbing has produced more experienced, dedicated, and efficient employees, both in the office and in the field. The purchasing power that we have gained from processing over 350 million in plumbing-only contracts over the past ten years is unmatched. Our focused and dedicated staff, unmatched purchasing power, and unique history have allowed us to enjoy the benefits of working with the finest owners, design teams, and general contractors in our region.

Our growth and success have come from an unwavering commitment to these founding principals, which have consistently produced satisfied clients. Over 70% of our annual revenue is “repeat business” for clients that have realized the value that we bring to their construction projects.